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GMC Terrain vs Ford Escape [Video]

Adam Sanchez talks about the value of the 2011 GMC Terrain vs the 2011 Ford Escape XLT.

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If you have been looking at a Ford Escape you will want to consider the GMC Terrain. The base model Terrain compares to the Escape XLT but has many advantages.

Sometimes little features like one touch window control for front and rear windows are over looked. The Ford only offers the one touch window down feature for the front passengers and the Terrain has front and rear.

How about the quality of the stereo system? The Escape comes with four speakers and the Terrain delivers better sound with six!

What about the unfortunate event that your car is broken into or stolen? The GMC Terrain comes standard with stolen vehicle tracking, a theft deterrent radio and content theft deterrent alarm system. The Ford does have a option to get the alarm system but the vehicle tracking and radio deterrent isn’t even an option on the Ford Escape.

All Michigan residents are all to familiar with all kinds of weather changes. The Terrain has heated outside mirrors to keep your rear view clean even in icy conditions. And every Terrain comes standard with Rear Parking Assist which isn’t even available in the Ford Escape.   Add to this the safety and convenience of OnStar and the GMC Terrain jumps way ahead in features for the price.

Another good indication of the quality of a vehicle is the warranty. The GMC Terrain comes with a sixty month one hundred thousand mile powertrain warranty. The Ford also has sixty months but they limit the warranty to sixty thousand miles. That’s a forty thousand miles more warranty for the GMC.

And what about corrosion? The Ford Escape offers sixty months of corrosion warranty but the GMC Terrain gives you an extra year of protection with seventy two months. One year of Michigan road salt can make a big difference on your vehicle.

As you can see the GMC Terrain offers many benefits over the Ford Escape for the same amount of money.

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