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2012 GMC Terrain Power

2012 GMC Terrain Saginaw

Mid-Michigan residents have fallen in love with the GMC Terrain and so has the press.  US News rates the 2012 Terrain as #2 in affordable compact SUV’s.  Kelley Blue Book states, “In the Terrain, GMC has created a rugged looking compact, deceiving in size and with impressively good fuel economy” and Car and Driver reviews, “If the handsome and cohesive design is any indicator, this could be GMC’s best small SUV ever.”

One of the great features of this compact SUV is the mechanical and powertrain innovations.  Whether you need a comfortable family vehicle with plenty of space and great gas mileage or a compact SUV to with a little more power to haul your toys up north for the weekend – the GMC Terrain fits the needs for any Michigan driver.


The 2012 GMC Terrain has two available engines:

2.4L I-4 VVT DI (LEA)
HORSEPOWER: 182 hp @ 6700 rpm
TORQUE: 172 lb-ft @ 4900 rpm

3.0L V-6 VVT DI (LFW)
HORSEPOWER: 264 hp @ 6950 rpm
TORQUE: 222 lb-ft @ 5100 rpm


Standard in both 2012 GMC Terrain engines, this technology gives you the power of a high-performance engine with the low speed response you need for situations such as trailering or climbing steep inclines. VVT constantly monitors and changes how the valves open and close to give you near-peak levels of torque across the entire range of engine speeds.

For precise fuel distribution and fast, efficient combustion, both 2012 GMC Terrain engines feature direct injection technology. Simply put, this system moves the fuel closer to the point where it ignites inside the engine—in the combustion chamber. By injecting fuel at over 2000 psi, the air and fuel mix more completely. This helps the charge burn fast for crisp throttle response and lean for efficiency at cruise speeds. The result: the 2.4L I-4 Terrain offers an unsurpassed 32 hwy mpg, the best standard highway fuel economy in its class. This capability could also give you a cruising range of up to 600 highway miles on a single fill-up.

To help you save fuel, the 2.4L I-4 engine has an Eco-Mode button that, when pressed, delivers slightly better fuel economy by holding gears longer, with only a slight decrease in acceleration.

To give you more choices at the pump, both Terrain engines are capable of using E85 ethanol fuel. This advanced biofuel is a mixture of 85 percent ethanol, a mostly renewable fuel that helps to reduce the need for imported oil, and 15 percent unleaded regular gasoline.


For brisk acceleration from a stop and reduced highway rpm, this advanced transmission has a wide ratio spread. That means first gear is numerically “high” to let the engine rev quickly into its power band, while fifth and sixth gears are overdrive ratios that are numerically “low” to reduce engine rpm, saving fuel, reducing wear and minimizing engine noise. The gear ratios between low and high are evenly spaced for strong, consistent acceleration at almost any speed.

To prevent unwanted acceleration and reduce the need for the driver to brake during a hill descent, the 6-speed automatic with overdrive features Automatic Grade Braking. This “smart” feature monitors braking, acceleration, throttle position and even whether a trailer is connected to the vehicle. Then it commands the transmission to remain in a lower gear if the vehicle is decelerating or coasting on a downgrade to help you hold your desired speed and minimize the need for additional braking.


For long life and durability, changing your engine oil at the right time is essential. GMC engineered the mystery out of this essential service with the Oil Life Monitor. It calculates how much life your oil has left, based on when and how you drive. Then it updates you with a telltale on your Driver Information Center.

The peace of mind that comes from knowing the condition of your 2012 GMC Terrain’s key systems is as easy as checking your e-mail. The OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics service that comes standard with your 6-month trial subscription to OnStar can run hundreds of checks of your Terrain’s engine, transmission, antilock brakes and more, then organize the information into an easy-to-read monthly report. OnStar can also run a check of your vehicle as you drive just by pressing the blue button and asking the Advisor for an On-Demand Diagnostics check. That’s peace of mind when you need it.


Everyone who drives in Michigan is all to familiar with how bad our roads can get. To make the most of available traction on many road surfaces, traction control measures and compares the speed of your wheels. If it senses one or more wheels starting to spin, such as on a slippery surface, the system applies individual brakes and manages engine power to slow the wheel down and maintain traction, so you can move forward with a better sense of control.

An intelligent AWD system is available for extra traction and the ability to adapt to the ever changing road conditions in mid-Michigan. This system sends the maximum amount of torque needed and adjusts the torque as required to help you maintain control. Thanks to its efficient design and direct injection engine technology, the 2012 GMC Terrain also offers best-in-class AWD highway fuel economy as well as best-in-class AWD highway cruising range.

For precise control and a high level of refinement, the 2012 GMC Terrain is engineered with a four-wheel independent suspension. As the name implies, each wheel can act independently to maintain road contact, which helps you stay in control. On the highway, this suspension offers the best of both worlds: a steady, smooth ride with a precise feel for the road.

In addition to its stable, precise ride and exceptional maneuverability, Terrain has an unsurpassed trailer weight rating of 3500 lbs with the available 3.0L V-6 or up to 1500 lbs with the standard 2.4L I-4. That means a model with the 2.4L I-4 engine can comfortably handle a jet ski or a motorcycle, while the 3.0L V-6 can pull larger single-axle camping and boat trailers.

You’ve waited long enough, test drive the 2012 GMC Terrain today at Labadie GMC in Bay City Michigan.  Labadie GMC is just minutes away from Saginaw or Midland and is really easy to get to just off I-75 at the US-10/M-25 exit.