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Affordable Luxury – 2012 Buick LaCrosse

U.S. News Rankings & Reviews calls the 2012 Buick LaCrosse the #1 affordable large car.  “This ranking is based on our analysis of 30 published reviews and test drives of the Buick LaCrosse, and our analysis of reliability and safety data.”

2012 Buick LaCrosse Saginaw

Buick gave the 2012 LaCrosse the smartest thinking, executed in the freshest ways. This equals not only an enlightened luxury experience, but a relaxed one as well. On the outside, its lines are smooth and fluid. You’ll find the same uninterrupted, flowing lines inside. LaCrosse brings together the best in advanced performance, entertainment and technology. Discover it for yourself.

Full-size luxury AND 36 mpg highway!

Buick figured out how to put their energy into ways to conserve. The 2012 LaCrosse, featuring eAssist technology, offers 36 hwy mpg –making it the most fuel-efficient sedan in its class.  The beauty of eAssist is that it seamlessly integrates a compact (yet powerful) electric motor, an advanced lithium-ion battery and LaCrosse’s already efficient direct-injected ECOTEC engine. As you brake, eAssist captures energy in the battery. It’s a process known as regenerative braking. This recovered energy is used to help LaCrosse deliver unexpected fuel economy for a full-size luxury sedan. The system shifts from gas to electric power while idling (say, at a red light) and then instantly switches back when your foot lifts off the brake pedal. The Energy Department calculates that 17.2 percent of a vehicle’s fuel is wasted when the engine idles. You’ll find that LaCrosse with eAssist helps put a fitting end to that.

Saving Gas Not Luxury!

Since Buick has always stood for quality, they consulted the finest minds from around the globe – from engineers to designers to manufacturing experts – to create the 2012 Buick LaCrosse like no other. Producing a modern luxury sedan means considering everything. No matter how small.

Actually, more than 1,000 critical points in the Buick LaCrosse have been obsessively scrutinized– resulting in precise craftsmanship. Materials and technology from the inside out were evaluated and chosen with strict tolerances for appearance, durability and ease of use. And with tight interior and exterior harmony, LaCrosse clearly achieves world-class fit and finish. This results in a superb driving experience today, tomorrow and a very long way down the road.

But this is just part of the story . . .

I urge you to experience the 2012 Buick LaCrosse for yourself and take one for a test drive at Labadie today.  Labadie Buick is located in Bay City Michigan and only 15 minutes from Saginaw or Midland and 30 minutes from Frankenmuth.