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Why Buy Used?

We have customers that only buy new cars and customers that only buy used cars.  No matter which you prefer Labadie has you covered.  Looking through some websites we came across an article on that gave a few reasons to buy a used cars.

Used Cars InventoryIf you’ve decided to buy a used car, you’ve already made a smart decision. You can get a car that’s almost as good as a brand-new one without paying for the depreciation that wallops new car buyers as soon as they drive the car off the lot. Even cars that are only a year old are 20-30 percent cheaper than brand-new cars.

But there are other good reasons to buy a used car:

  • You’ll save money on insurance.
  • Bigger bargains are possible for the smart used car shopper.
  • Used cars are more reliable today than ever before.
  • Some used cars are still under the factory warranty.
  • Most new carmakers now sell certified* used cars, which include warranties.
  • The history of a used car can easily be traced using the vehicle identification number (VIN).

* It is important to point out that a customer who buys an extended warranty is not buying a true certified pre-owned vehicle. Certified pre-owned vehicles must pass a rigorous inspection (determined by the manufacturer) and meet strict limits in terms of mileage and condition. On the other hand, an extended or aftermarket warranty can be purchased for virtually any car. While there are no guarantees in life, buying a certified pre-owned car can seriously lessen the risk inherent in buying a used car.  Labadie does sell Certified pre-owned GM and Toyota vehicles!

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