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2012 GMC Acadia Power


Making a real difference. GMC vehicles aren’t made to sit in the showroom. They’re designed, engineered and built to get things done, to defy the impossible and to never say the job is over until you’ve overachieved.  Designed to exceed expectations, built to back you up and engineered to make it easy, Acadia is the crossover that sets standards in its class. and the perfect vehicle for keeping your life in  control and taking charge of the day.

Innovative technology. advanced versatility. and the determination to meet whatever challenge comes your way. With qualities like that, there’s no limit to where you can go. 2012 GMC Acadia.

When you are looking at a powerful SUV to meet the plethora of challenges you with throw at it, whether it be commuting the hockey team or towing the boat, you want to make sure that the vehicles power plant is powerful, efficient and reliable.

2012-gmc-acadia-saginaw-engineEngineered for responsiveness at all speeds, the 3.6l V-6 VVT in the 2012 GMC Acadia is the ideal blend of power and efficiency. With a high-performance 24-valve, dual-overhead cam design, the 3.6l V-6 accelerates smoothly and quickly for confident highway passing and merging. Yet its efficiency gives it surprising highway fuel economy — the best of any eight-passenger SUV.

Variable Valve Timing (vvt)
This gives you the power of a highperformance engine with the low-speed response you need for situations such as trailering or climbing steep inclines.  this technology constantly monitors and changes how the valves open and close to give you near-peak levels of torque across the entire range of engine speeds.

6-speed Automatic Overdrive Transmission
Designed to be an interactive partner with the engine and control system, this transmission chooses the best gear for economy or power based on your driving style. For steep hills, bad weather or a really great  driving road, all 2012 GMC Acadia models feature tap-up/-down gear selection with driver shift Control. It gives you the ability to manually shift gears for optimal driver control.

Oil Life Monitor
For long life and durability, nothing is more important than changing your oil at the right time. GMC engineered the mystery out of this essential service with the Oil life Monitor. it calculates how much life your oil has left, based on when and how you drive. then it updates you with a telltale on your Driver Information Center.

Onstar Vehicle Diagnostics
The peace of mind that comes from knowing the condition of your GMC Acadia’s key systems is as easy as checking your e-mail. the Onstar Vehicle Diagnostics service that comes standard with your 6-month trial subscription to Onstar can run hundreds of checks of your  Acadia’s engine, transmission, antilock brakes and more, then organize the information into an easy-to-read monthly report. Onstar can also run a check of your vehicle as you drive just by pressing the blue button and asking the advisor for an On-demand diagnostics check. that’s peace of mind when you need it.

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