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Gas Saving Tires On Sale Now

Gas Saving Tire Sale Saginaw MI

Within the next few years the government is expected to begin labeling replacement tires.  The new ratings are intended to help you gauge a tires grip on wet roads, tread wear, and fuel efficiency.  The government may not have done this yet but Consumer Reports has!

In the April 2013 Annual Auto Issue CR not only rated these factors but also hydroplaning resistance, ride comfort, and noise.  Based on these test results, they rank each tire model from best to worst in each tire category.

Automakers have been turning to low-rolling-resistance tires for years to save fuel.  With tire technology improving more and more models with low rolling resistance are also all-around good performers.

And the Consumer Reports best all-season gas saving tire is (T Speed Rated):
Michelin Energy Saver A/S

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