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2014 GMC Acadia Wheels

2014 GMC Acadia Stock Wheels

RSZ 18″ Aluminum
standard on SLE

RZA 19″ Aluminum
standard on SLT

S4Q 20″ ultra-bright
Machined Aluminum
standard on DENALI

PPE 20″ chrome-clad Aluminum
available on DENALI

 Following are the Accessory Wheels available for the 2014 GMC Acadia:

2014 GMC Acadia Accessory Wheels

19″ Cast –chrome
10-spoke wheel

20″ Cast-chrome
6 double-spoke wheel (VZR)

20″ Cast –chrome
6 double-spoke wheel (VZS)

20″ Cast –chrome
12-spoke wheel (VZU)

* Use only GM-approved tire and wheel combinations. Unapproved combinations may change the vehicle’s performance characteristics. For approved tire and wheel
combinations and other important information contact a Labadie GMC Bay City MI sales or parts professional.